MP-1000 Mortar & Pestle Grinder



The MP-1000 is an automatic mortar & pestle grinder that is used to grind and homogenize a wide range of samples in a dry or wet state. It is highly effective for samples that are oily or pasty and offers good flexibility with respect to batch size, accommodating small or large sample quantities. The MP-1000 is especially well suited for applications with temperature sensitive samples, as it generates very little heat.

Key Information


Mortar & pestle materials

Stainless steel

Hardened steel


Tungsten carbide Alumina Agate
Sample capacity* 10 - 200 ml    
Maximum grinding time 999 min    
Sample feed size* < 10 mm    
Final particle* 5 µm    

*Results are affected by and will vary depending on the physical properties of the material and machine parameters.


 Wet, dry or cryogenic grinding


Quick and easy to clean 


✓ Minimal heat generation - Highly effective for temperature sensitive samples


✓ Adjustable speed


✓ Adjustable pestle/grinding pressure


At Form-Tech Scientific, we work hard to provide our customers with the best products available on the market. Our products focus primarily on particle comminution but we understand that the needs of our customers in processing their samples sometimes go beyond this. That is why we carry not only our own products, but those of companies that represent innovation and quality in other areas of the sample preparation/processing field.

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