Welcome to Form-Tech Scientific!

We are a scientific instrumentation company dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and custom design of the highest quality equipment available for solid-state reactivity and materials analysis.

Our mission

SmartSnap product line, showing: Steel (blue), Zirconia (Red), Teflon (Green). Learn more or Shop now.

We want to support you in your top-ranking research through innovative equipment designs, while ensuring that our products are top quality and affordable.

With our experience in research, know that high costs and low performance of scientific equipment are often a bottleneck of modern research.

Form-Tech Scientific was founded with the goal of countering such bottlenecks by providing affordable and quality equipment in diverse research areas. Our principal focus is materials processing and solid-state chemistry, including:

 Ball milling and mechanochemistry Forget about that wrench and hammer, switch to SmartSnap!

SmartSnap products: Zirconia, Teflon, PMMA, Steel, Tungsten Carbide

Our jars are made based on our new patent-protected SmartSnap design for easy work with solids, liquids and gases, providing an excellent seal and easy opening and closing. Check out our online store now!

With our experience in mechanochemical synthesis and materials processing, you can be confident that we offer a wide range of highest-quality milling equipment, including jars and milling media made of: stainless steel, tungsten carbide, zirconia, Teflon, polycarbonate, poly(methyl)methacrylate (PMMA) and more.

We are about to launch a new line of laboratory mixer mills – ask us now for pricing and ordering!

Based on what your needs are, we can also perform custom design and manufacture – ask us now!

X-ray powder diffraction and small-scale thermal analysis

Sample handling for solid-state analysis can be challenging and requires the right equipment. We want to provide highest-quality and affordable consumables for use with a powder diffraction from a wide range of manufacturers. Contact us now for conventional, custom made, and zero-background sample holders for your powder X-ray diffractometer!

Melting point measurement in crowded classrooms and teaching laboratories is a challenge, and equipment is expensive, and readily broken. Contact us now for an innovative, compact and affordable design of a melting point measuring apparatus that will advance your classroom  and laboratory teaching!

Expertise in solid characterization

We engage in custom equipment manufacture, and provide consulting services associated with solid-state (organic, inorganic, metal-organic) reactivity and materials chemistry.

For more information and pricing, please contact sales@formtechscientific.com.

The Form-Tech Scientific team is looking forward to working with you!