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Selecting the correct grinding jar for your application is essential to achieving the best possible result. Choose from a number of different sizes and materials to ensure the right fit for your application. SmartSnapTM jars are the feature a unique, patented, close and seal design. This means that they are easy to use and provide a hermetic seal, making them perfect for dry, wet, or air sensitive grinding.

✓ Light weight - A composite design featuring an anodized aluminum sleeve minimizes weight.

✓ Easy to open - A push top design makes these jars easy to open an close.

 Colour coded - No more picking up every jar to find the right one. All jars are colour coded by material, making them easy to differentiate at a glance.

 Easy to clean - Eliminating unnecessary crevices means less places for material to get caught.

✓ Maximum compatibility - Compatible with FTS-1000/2000, Retsch MM200/301/400, and Spex 8000M/D mills.

✓ Jars seal hermetically - The patented SmartSnapTM close and seal design is ergonomic and provides an airtight leak proof seal. 

  Available sizes Use for Suggested sample loading Suggested ball loading

Stainless steel


5, 15, 30 ml General milling - Stainless steel is a great choice for a wide range of applications. It has good wear resistance, impact force, and is affordable. Avoid use with corrosive material.

5 ml jar: 0.5 - 2 ml of sample


15 ml jar: 1.5 - 6 ml of sample 


30 ml jar: 3 - 12 ml of sample 

5 ml jar: two 5 mm

or one 7 mm balls


15 ml jar: two 7 mm

or one 10 mm balls


30 ml jar: two 10 mm

or one 12 mm balls

PTFE (Green) 5, 15, 30 ml Iron free milling of soft materials - If iron free milling is required but high impact force is not, PTFE is the right choice. It may be important to consider iron free milling if working with biological systems. PTFE has excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of organic solvents, acids, and bases.
Zirconia (Red) 15 & 30 ml Iron free milling of hard materials If both iron free mill and high impact force are required, zirconia is the best choice. Zirconia extremely hard and chemically inert. It is especially suited to catalytic and electronic applications.

Tungsten carbide


15 & 30 ml Extremely hard or abrasive materials - Tungsten carbide has a Mohs hardness of 9 and is and is used for processing the hardest materials such as ceramics.
PMMA (Clear) 5, 15, 30 ml In-situ techniques - These jars are optically clear and used for techniques such as in-situ Ramen, IR, and X-Ray diffraction. Avoid organic solvents.


At Form-Tech Scientific, we work hard to provide our customers with the best products available on the market. Our products focus primarily on particle comminution but we understand that the needs of our customers in processing their samples sometimes go beyond this. That is why we carry not only our own products, but those of companies that represent innovation and quality in other areas of the sample preparation/processing field.

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