At Form-Tech Scientific, we work hard to provide our customers with the best products available on the market. Our products focus primarily on particle comminution but we understand that the needs of our customers in processing their samples sometimes go beyond this. That is why we carry not only our own products, but those of companies that represent innovation and quality in other areas of the sample preparation/processing field.

FTS Form-Tech Scientific

Have a bulk sample to process? Form tech Scientific offers ball malls, cutter mills, mortar grinders, and sieve shakers. We offer high quality equipment, at an affordable price. For all of your sample processing needs, choose Form-Tech Scientific.

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FlackTek SpeedMixer®

"If you can't mix it, we can. If you can mix it, we can mix it better" SpeedMixer™ is the original bladeless mixing technology and is capable of blending anything, from thick to thin, repeatably and reliably every time. 

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