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The FlackTek SpeedMixer® is the most advanced piece of laboratory equipment on the market for sample preparation and is capable of homogenizing, degassing, and grinding almost any sample. All FlackTek SpeedMixers® are capable of both homogenization and grinding however, this page focusses on homogenization and degassing. For Grinding, click here.


The FlackTek SpeedMixer® eliminates air bubbles and mixes in disposable containers. It is used to mix colloids, fluids, powders, pastes, creams, grease, resins, inks, paints and silicone mixtures.

These lab size, small batch, manufacturing mixers have the capacity to mix samples in seconds. Sample sizes range from, 1g - 10Kg, and can be mixed in cups and cartridges, including Semco. Absolutely no cleanup required.


Key Features


Highly Reproducible Results – Perfect mixing every time thanks to precision centrifugal mixing.

No Bubbles – Mixing and degassing/deaeration are achieved simultaneously thanks to DAC (dual asymmetric centrifugal) technology. 

No Cleanup – Mixing is performed in inexpensive and disposable containers.

Quickly Mix Anything – Mix semi-solids, pastes, oils, liquids, powders, creams, in any combination, within a few seconds to a few minutes. High viscosity mixing is no challenge.

Virtually No Material Loss – No blades or bowls to clean. Another reason that centrifugal mixers are superior to bladed mixers.

Optional Vacuum SpeedMixing – Removes submicron-level air, moisture, solvents, etc, caught in materials.

Syringe Packaging – Patented mixing directly in a syringe or easily transfer from mixing cup to syringes.


At Form-Tech Scientific, we work hard to provide our customers with the best products available on the market. Our products focus primarily on particle comminution but we understand that the needs of our customers in processing their samples sometimes go beyond this. That is why we carry not only our own products, but those of companies that represent innovation and quality in other areas of the sample preparation/processing field.

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